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Spare Time? What Spare Time?

Monday, November 28th, 2005

I’m swamped. In the last three months, I’ve been busy knocking out dozens of small projects around the Old Man:

  • Install a railing on the front steps
  • Clean the stained glass windows (wow, were they filthy)
  • Get the rest of the windows cleaned (ditto on the filthy)
  • Get actual bevelled, tempered glass installed in the front door (to replace the horrid plexiglass that was there when we moved in)
  • Straighten up the basement
  • Clean out the garage so we can park the car in there when it snows
  • Get rid of all the wood chips near the house
  • Caulk a big crack in the front steps
  • Buy and install new blinds for a few windows
  • Make curtains for the breakfast room (M. took care of that)
  • Install curtains in the basement around my workshop so the whole basement doesn’t get dusted when I’m woodworking
  • Numerous tasks related to furnishing the house (upholster chairs, buy rugs, etc)
  • Caulk the windows shut with Seal and Peel (without dying from the fumes)
  • Do Spring Cleaning for the first time
  • Cook and prepare to have my whole family over for Thanksgiving, including several houseguests for a week (which was a blast, if exhausting)

Combined with the fact that work has been crazy busy, I’ve had no time to blog. Hopefully, now that our big family get-together is over, I’ll have some more time to tell a few stories about some of the more interesting activities around the Old Man.

Our plan is to take the month of December off from working on the Old Man and just enjoy him for a bit before we burn ourselves out entirely. It’s really nice to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor.