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Back in the Saddle Again

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

After a 12 month marathon, culminating in having the family over for Thanksgiving dinner, we took four months off from working on The Old Man, mostly to save our sanity and keep us from growing to hate The Old Man.
Well, for the first time in four months, we did some work around the house today. The warm weather sent M. out into the yard to do combat with the dandelions growing in the lawn. After clearing out my workshop a few weeks ago, I finally created a bottom shelf for my workbench out of the old plexiglass that was in the front door (more to come in a future post about the new (beautiful!) bevelled glass that we’ve got in the front door). I found some weatherstripping and a door “sweep” when cleaning up in the basement and installed them on the basement door to the yard in the hopes of stemming the pile of leaves that seems to keep blowing under the door and into my workshop.

We’ve put together a plan for what needs to be done this year, and it’s about time that we got started executing on some of the smaller items:

  • Paint the “master” bath and put new accoutrements (mirror, towel bar, shelf etc.) in.
  • Pull the nails off the quarter round that I yanked from the second floor before the floors were refinished. Then reinstall it.
  • Paint the glazing on the repaired stained glass windows
  • Clean the mold out of the storage room
  • Make a screen for the bedroom
  • Finish cleaning the stained glass windows

That’s just a few of the little things we need to get done. Now for the bigger things:

  • Dormer the North side of the attic
  • Install skylights in the attic
  • Get a new roof installed
  • Insulate the new roof

I think that should keep us busy for a while.