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Caulk hides all wounds

Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

The Second Refinishing Guy came by today to give me an estimate for stripping and refinishing the woodwork. He noticed something that I had never noticed: Almost all the woodwork was caulked to the plaster.

Yes, you heard me. Almost all of the woodwork. Caulked. To the plaster.

Now when I was in the back closet in the basement, I noticed a half dozen tubes of DAP ALEX Painters Caulk, and I couldn’t figure out what the previous owner had been using it for.

Well now I know.

Stripping the woodwork is going to be just that much more fun.

On a side note, Second Refinishing Guy suspects that the wood panelling in upstairs foyer and on the staircase isn’t original. I suspect he may be right as it seems to have been installed on top of plaster as it’s almost flush with the other trim.