How many coats???

So I gathered up my can of deep tint primer and my can of “Autumn Red” and toddled off to Home Depot to, hopefully, find out why three coats of paint plus a coat of primer still isn’t covering the walls.

I talk to “Richie” at Home Depot, and he shakes his head, saying,

“Awww, red is always a difficult color to paint… when you bought it last week, didn’t they tell you that it would take anywhere from two to SEVEN coats?”

“Hell no! If they had told me that, I would have bought a different f*cking color!”

Anyway, I manage to diffuse my rage (there’s never any point at yelling at someone who works at a Big Company, because it’s Not Their Fault in the first place), and he gives me another gallon of paint for a dollar. What a bargain! Good thing that my time is worth nothing. Ugh.

So I went home and put the third coat of paint on the kitchen. I’ll be putting a fourth coat on there and the breakfast room later. *sigh*

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  1. Ken Says:

    I did a deep red on the top half of our dining room walls, and I was told to use Benjamin Moore. It was a little more expensive, but one coat of grey primer, and one coat of red made it look great. I did a second coat of red to cover up some thin areas I didn’t notice while painting it, but the second coat didn’t really change the color.

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