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A Pleasant Diversion

Monday, April 18th, 2005

We’ve had a delightful break from working on the Old Man this month: We’ve had houseguests. Lots of them. First, we had some good friends out from California. The weekend after that, one of M.’s sisters stayed over. Last weekend, we had some other good friends from California out.

While it’s always nice to have people over to visit, it’s absolutely delightful to have guests from out of town stay at the house. For one, we now have a guest room that is only a guest room, so there’s no need to relocate someone’s office stuff for the length of the visit. However, the really nice thing is just to have huge swaths of casual time to spend catching up, hanging out, and relaxing with good friends.

Nothing beats getting up on a Sunday morning, cooking up a nice big breakfast, brewing up a few pots of coffee and tea, and chatting with good friends for a couple of hours. Sunday breakfast is one of the things that enjoyed immensely when I lived with 3 other roommates right out of college, and this really takes me back to those carefree (and somewhat hungover) times. When the day starts like this, the sun seems brighter, the food tastes better, and I almost feel like the Old Man is smiling deep down inside.