AC Install Day Two: Thursday, June 16th, 2005

Jack showed up at 7:30 this morning and Bo came later after picking up more supplies. Their primary objective today was to get 4 outlets into the sun room in the front of the house. The sunroom is going to be a bit difficult because it used to be an outdoor porch, and that means that they’re going to have to remove some bricks to run the ducts into the sunroom ceiling.

They started by draping the office in drop cloths and removing a piece of the baseboard that was directly across from the roof cavity over the sunroom. It took them over two hours to get through and thread the ducts down from the attic into the sunroom, but they managed to do it, and I can barely tell where they removed the baseboard. They ran the four ducts over the sill plate in the attic and somehow cut a hole in the external 1×6 sheathing of the house inside the soffit (“Magic” is what Jack told me when I asked him how they did it), threaded the tubes through the external wall and into the ceiling of the sun room.

They repeated this baseboard trick twice in the guestroom to run two outlets into the living room and two outlets into the dining room. So far there are no visible changes to the living areas of the house other than the new ducts

Once again, they left the house spotless. That’s two for two!

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