AC Install Day Seven: Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

At 2:48PM CDT today, our air conditioner came to life.

Oh joyous day!

This morning, completely unsurprisingly, Jack showed up at 7:30AM. We only had 2 open breaker spots in the main electrical panel, so he replaced 4 of our breakers with half-height breakers so that he could have four slots for the AC. He set to work wiring the condenser unit into the electrical panel and then ran the last of the wiring to the blower.

Meanwhile, Bo finished the plenum duct in the attic and they began attaching the small ducts to it. They then charged the system with Freon and fired up the blower while M. rushed around the house closing all the windows. The AC got to work sucking the moisture out of the inside air, and eventually got the temperature down to a frigid 76 with 39% humidity (outside temp: 92). Hoo boy.

But there’s one small, teeny little problem.

The blower is defective.

The culprit:

While you can hear the air coming out of the ducts around the house (it’s slightly noticeable, but not terribly distracting), up in the office, it sounds like you’re sitting right on top of the engine room of a large ship–it’s not so much a sound as a low-frequency vibration that rattles the entire Northeast corner of the house. I don’t know who this upset more: M. and myself or Jack and Bo. They made a quick call to their supervisor and another crew will be coming in a week or so to install a new blower. In the meanwhile, we can use the AC, but the vibrrrrrration is rather distracting as I sit here typing this.

The guys loaded all their tools into the truck, scrubbed the attic clean, and hit the road at about 6:00, but unfortunately I wasn’t around to thank them. In any case, I’ll be writing a long letter to American Vintage Home thanking them for such a fantastic crew who did such an amazing job. Oh, and I must remember to give them some top-notch feedback on Angie’s List.

And now, it’s time for a few days off from blogging. See you in a week or so, I’m off to bask in the cool air!

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