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Monday, August 15th, 2005

The Old Man basically had the month of July off while we tended to the often-neglected thing known as The Rest of Our Lives. After suffering from a minor bout of BlogGuilt(tm), I’m back with a relatively uninteresting post that will serve as a cure for insomniacs the world over!

The most excitement we’ve in the last month was when a bottle of Lestoil in the basement cracked while we were away for the weekend. It didn’t ruin anything, but the whole basement reeked of Lestoil, which smells an awful lot like some kind of flammable liquid and gave me a bit of a scare at first. However, the Lestoil did eat the paint right off of the metal shelf it was sitting on. Hmmm… maybe I’ve found yet another paint stripper!

Our garden is going like gangbusters. We planted five tomato plants under the assumption that only a couple would flourish, and wouldn’t you know it that all five are doing great? In fact, we have two yellow cherry tomato plants that are delivering like 15 tomatoes a day. By the end of the month, we should have tomatoes for the whole neighborhood.