And the Windows Come Home to Roost

Exactly one week to the day after Circle Studios removed our windows, they came back to reinstall them–and they look fabulous!

Here are the windows (except for one casement window which is behind me) all ready to go back in. Note that they’re actually flat now. Who would have thought?

They started by removing the boards, setting the panes back into the frames, and securing them in place with nails.

Once the windows were set back into place, they daubed glazing compound around the perimeter of each window:

And then they smoothed the glazing compound out. Just that easy. I’ll try and get some real “after” pictures when we get a nice sunny day.

Thanks again to Andy and Joseph from Circle Studios. They did a fantastic job and took really good care of our windows–we couldn’t be happier with their work.

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  1. jm Says:


  2. Steve Says:

    Make sure you paint that glaze after it has cured. That will help keep it from getting brittle, cracking, and falling out leaving you with panes of glass held onto the sash by the shear will of the flying spaghetti monster (with help from glazing pins) like all of the windows in my place (with the exception of the living room windows that John from Just Sashes rebuilt).

  3. Julie Cutter Says:

    We are considering using Just Sashes for work on our Victorian in Evanston and wanted to know about your experience with them. Thanks.

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