Sometimes Staring at the Ceiling Pays Off

I crawled into bed a half hour ago and looked up at the ceiling over the bed only to see that one of the (many) cracks in the ceiling had turned slightly yellow. Yep, the roof is leaking, or more likely given the location of the leak, the chimney is leaking.

I grabbed my big ole Makita flashlight and headed into the attic to take a look around, and while I couldn’t find any wetness near where the leak should have been, I did find a wet board in the middle of the attic floor which indicates a separate leak on the other side of the roof

O Joy! O Rapture!

Looks like I’ll be calling the roofers tomorrow morning.

Now I’m going back to bed and turning the lights out right away–otherwise I’ll lie there and stare at the ceiling all night. At least it’s not raining right now.

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  1. Aaron Says:

    Ugh, that sucks. We found a roof leak ourselves but luckily caught and corrected it when we’d gutted the entire second floor. Sometimes I worry that we didn’t fully correct it and it’s building up back there behind the wall.

    Anyway, bet of luck with your roofer search (wish I had a local recommendation but I don’t).

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