Happy Halloween!

One of the nice things about having an old home is that it’s a piece of cake to make it really scary for halloween. My decorations this year are nothing but 4 floodlights and open blinds/curtains. Aside from a little cropping and resizing, this photo looks exactly the way that it came out of the camera.

While I was outside taking this picture, one of the neighbors came over and said “That’s really freaking me out!”


4 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Oh my God- it’s the return of the Red Fan of Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought things weree safe!!!!!!!!

  2. Peggy Says:

    I’m sure you are the source of many neighborhood children having nightmares this week! Mmmmmm, maybe that’s not a bad thing . . .

  3. jeannette Says:

    oh excellent. simple and deadly.

  4. trish Says:

    Hmm. Simple yet creepy and not even decorated for Halloween! It really is a nice looking home, I love the front windows!

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