First Day with the Old Man

After living in a condo for three years, my wife and I bought our first house today.

When we went over for the walkthrough, we found an electrician in the backyard, digging a trench to run a new line out to the garage, which had shorted out (again) the night before. “Jeff” assured us that he’d be all finished by the time we got back from the closing.

So off to the 1:00 closing, which turned out to be in the back room of a local law office which was already in the back room of a local insurance office.

Coincidentally, the back room in question was a mere five feet behind the back wall of the deli of our favorite local grocery store.

It was just that kind of place.

Anyway, our attorney was late, then the bank took forever to put the loan through and we didn’t get out of there until 10 to 4. We grabbed some sandwich fixins from the deli next door and headed back to the house to eat and wander around the house enjoying our new purchase and waiting to get an estimate on refinishing our floors.

The “Floor Guys” were a father and son team, and couldn’t have been any nicer… there’s a very good chance we’ll go with them.

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